What do 98,000 yes votes mean

What do 98,000 yes votes mean? It means, I ain't even close to throwing in the towel on my prophesy: The Golden State Warriors will not play one game in San Francisco at the more than half-way completed construction of the new Chase Center Arena. Follow the racism in this project and you will agree with me.


Reading this SF Department of Elections final vote tally on Proposition I, ask why did 130,916 San Francisco voters vote "No" to, "... oppose any professional sports team ownership group attempting to avoid payment of an outstanding public debt?" Answer: They were told to vote no, instead of reading the 500-word ballot measure for themselves.

Next question: Why did three powerful San Francisco women, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, House Rep. Nancy Pelosi and new SF Mayor London Breed vote "No" on Proposition I? Answer: They too, were told to do so by the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (SFDCCC) president, David Campos, instead of reading the measure for themselves. Or these three SF leaders and the entire SFDCCC simply support greedy billionaire professional sports team owners stiffing struggling communities for tens of millions of dollars in public debt after leaving the community that made the team owners richer. I find this too hard to accept as the real spirit of San Francisco.

Message from coalition founder, Allen Jones:

To the many supporters of the Good Neighbor Coalition, thank you for helping Proposition I receive nearly 98,000 yes votes in the June 2018 San Francisco election. Even though we lost, we won. I am not one to celebrate moral victories, I simply, truly see this as a victory coming soon. What is more impressive to me than the nearly 98,000 yes votes is the fact that we accomplished this with no major media or political support. In fact, the major media and top politicians were against us. The media support we did receive from "Pissed off Voters", the SF Bay Guardian, SF Bayview Newspaper and a few others were huge. Thank you!! 

The above screenshot of the final total number of Yes/No votes tells me, there is no reason to give up. And though I am working hard to pay off all financial debt, the debt of gratitude is impossible to pay off but another reminder to not throw in the towel.

Currently, I am waiting for the results of the arbitration hearing where the Warriors are suing the city of Oakland and the County of Alameda in an attempt to get out of paying between $40 and $50 million in Oracle Arena bond debt. But do know this, regardless of the outcome, Oakland, CA will come out the winner. That is not a promise, it is a prophecy!

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