Seven Questions with one answer

How closely have you been following the issue of SF City Hall "grabbing" the Golden State Warriors from Oakland? Below are seven questions for you to answer as mayor of San Francisco. But really there is only one answer for all seven questions. Please use twitter or Facebook to offer up as many answers as you can think of to describe this act.MG_8993Lee.jpgSan Francisco Mayor Ed Lee waves to fans during the Golden State Warriors and the City of Oakland parade honoring the 2017 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors in Oakland, Calif. Thursday, June 15, 2017. (Jessica Christian/S.F. Examiner)

1. Why does San Francisco, which has an annual tourism industry of $14 billion need to take one of the jewels of Oakland, which only has an $800 million annual tourism industry?


2. How does San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee justified warning the restaurant chain, Chick-fil-A, against trying to bring its chain restaurant business to San Francisco because the chain seemingly discriminates against the LGBT community, but would “never apologize” for his role in the Warriors moving from a Black community?


3. How does San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee; proclaiming his “Legacy project”, of bringing the Warriors to San Francisco trump the 45-year legacy of the Warriors in Oakland?


4. Former Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, made remarks of racism against the Black community, prompting NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to move swiftly to force Sterling to sell the team. But why has the thought of moving a thriving NBA franchise from a Black community in Oakland never occurred to the NBA Commissioner who supports the Warriors move to San Francisco.


5. Why would the owners of the Golden State Warriors think that taking a team from a Black area of Oakland, where they could have had a pick of spots on 153 acres of land choose an 11-acre plot of land at a much higher cost, which is across the street from a Children’s Hospital and Medical Center?


6. Why would the current Warriors ownership group, who bought the team for $450 million in 2010 and today, according to Forbes is worth “$2.6 billion” insist on stiffing the city of Oakland and the county of Alameda for the unpaid portion of upgrades estimated at $60 million for their current arena?


7. And why would the NBA Commissioner have a name, “NBA Cares” as its charitable arm but offer no care to a Black community that will be most negatively impacted by the Warriors move?

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