About Good Neighbor Coalition


The Good Neighbor Coalition is a group using the legislative process to Keep the Warriors in Oakland, not relocate to a San Francisco site steps from a Children's hospital and medical center.  

Started in San Francisco, the Good Neighbor Coalition now includes Warriors' fans and people from both sides of the Bay who know the difference between right and wrong.  There is no rationale for the arena project.

A world class city does not take from its neighbors. It supports them.  And patient access to emergency care and medical research trumps any entertainment venue.  

The community of Oakland has supported the Warriors basketball team for 45 seasons - San Francisco should respect such a great asset - not aim to take it!  And it is indisputably bad planning to approve an 18,000 seat arena with 225 events per year in a location that would interfere with public health services. 

SF City Hall has shown no respect for the basketball legacy of Oakland, no respect for the East Bay fans and community and not even a nod to the economic boost the team brings in an area that needs it.

Simultaneously, City Hall is showing no respect for the unique value of Mission Bay, that was expressly developed as a public asset to treat patients and for bioscience research - now one of the world's top health centers.  The last place for a sports entertainment center with traffic problems, noise, crowds.

The Coalition believes if San Francisco City Hall can't handle this straightforward issue, it's time the voters weigh in.  

The SF Dept of Elections has certified petitions to put 2 measures on the ballot that would allow the voters in SF to signal their opposition:

#1 - Policy - RELOCATION OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAMS       Opposing the Relocation of Sports Teams with Longstanding Loyal Fans. SF to stand with other cities that have demonstrated clear support of their pro sports teams, SF will not condone a relocation.  Oakland/East Bay fans have stood by the Warriors through thick and thin.  And no, the team isn't 'coming home' to SF. That's spin. They started in Philadelphia.
#2 - Charter - EXPANDING THE SIZE and DUITIES of the ENTERTAINMENT COMMISSION         Adding members to the Entertainment Commission, with expertise in Health Care, Public Safety, Traffic and Disabled Issues. The Commission is largely responsible for issuing permits, monitoring for noise, maintaining the safety of patrons and residents. 

Though getting a person to the hospital in an emergency can sometimes be a challenge, not even a helicopter can be relied on to come to the rescue when common sense is blatantly ignored.

This is a volunteer effort by people who care about Sports, Teams and Bay Area communities.


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Though it is encouraging, please don't just "Like" us! :-) 

Support the effort by being a volunteer or by donation, which includes a Warriors Luxury Suite raffle - thru July 28.



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